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How Do I Change Locations And Time Zones Without Changing My Home Location?

I live in the Eastern Time Zone (PA) and therefore have my Home Location set accordingly.  I also travel across the US about 6 months out of the year and find that when crossing time zones, in order to have Starry Night Pro Plus 8 calculate the correct time, I have to reset my Home Location to my current physical viewing location (the date and time are correct in my laptop).

  As an example: Home location is Lords Valley, PA - eastern time zone, daylight savings time on, time is 7:30 pm on April 4.  I am in White Sands, New Mexico and the time zone, date, time, and daylight savings are set correctly on my laptop.  I open Starry Night  and set "View From" to coordinates of White Sands with correct UT offset and Time Zone and Daylight Savings settings then save as "My Site".  When I view from My Site of White Sands, knowing that the sun sets at 7:30 pm, Starry night shows the sun setting at 6:30 pm!  In fact, the entire sky is off by 1 hour and all the time of celestial events are off by 1 hour, and there is nothing I can do to correct the situation other than reset my Home Location to White Sands!

This seems wrong to me - can you explain the logic?




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    Ron Blackwell

    Hi Claire,

    I had a similar problem many years ago with Starry Night Pro v6 where the UT offset was somehow changed by moving from one site to another.  It didn't happen for all locations just a very few and the Starry Night support team couldn't reproduce the problem.  Take another look at your "My Site" list after you've landed in White Sands and check to see if the UT offset has been changed.

    I set up Lords Valley and White Sands in "My Sites" on Starry Night Pro and went back and forth several times but the problem didn't show up.  The only problem I saw was that the Starry Night clock fell behind the system clock by a few seconds on each flight.   

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    I have the same problem with version 8 pro. I also used to have similar behavior with my 6 pro plus for many years, without being able to solve it. 

    I upgraded to 8 pro a few days ago, thinking of recovering the right time, but it seems the problem is still not fixed in version 8.



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