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Can I Delete SkySafari 6 Pro And Delete My LiveSky Account And Start Over? (Answer: Yes, Read On!)

I'm just so frustrated with SkySafari 6. My logs are not in the order they're in SS5, I can't add Observing Lists and now the app crashes after a couple of minutes. Is there a way I can delete the app and delete my LiveSky account and start over? I'm using iPhone 6, iOS 12.1.4. I'd just abandon it entirely but there are a couple of features I like about it.


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    Ros Hartigan

    Hi Kent,

    Yes, we can delete your account, then you can delete the app, reinstall, and start over.

    This is the order in which we should do it.  

    1) We delete your account.

    2) You should then uninstall and reinstall SkySafari 6, on each device you use it on.

    3) When you launch SkySafari, and it should ask you to log in to your account. Just choose 'Register for a new account'.  You can then register for a new account (you should be able to use the same email) or just cancel out of the registration dialog. If you decide to register for an account again, sign into the account on each device that you use it on.

    4) Import data if you choose to do so.

    Let me know if you would like to proceed.


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