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How To Create Circumpolar Rings In SkySafari 6 Pro? (Answer: Define A Circular FOV Indicator > Set Its Width To Twice Your Latitude > Turn On "Show Even When Not Connected To Scope" > Center Chart On Polaris)

Hi, I use sky safari a lot for star tracking and for fun a lot. Was wondering if it was possible to add a circle that shows circumpolar stars that never set and another one for stars that never rise. Also if sound effects could be added back to the time bar that would be cool also. Thanks

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    Bill Tschumy

    I doubt we will add a setting to turn on a circumpolar ring.  That seems like a fairly unique request.  However, you can do tis your self by defining a circular FOV indicator and set its width to be twice your latitude.  Turn on "Show Even When Not Connected To Scope".  If you then center the chart on Polaris you will have what you want.

    I think you are the first to request bringing back sounds during time flow.  If enough people request it we can consider it.

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