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Why In SkySafari 5 Pro And SkySafari 6 Pro Is There A Difference In Both The Names Of Stars And Number Of Stars Visible? (Answer: SkySafari 6 Pro Received A New Star Database)

I have been noticing that my desktop version of Sky Safari 5 pro shows fewer stars compared to my iOS SS 6 pro app regardless of the magnitude settings. I was wondering if I have something set wrong or if stars have been added to the SS6 database. I'm not talking about very faint stars. These are 12th & 13th magnitude stars. I also noticed the names are different. In SS 5 pro the GSC designation is used for some. In SS6 pro IOS the GAIA designation is used. Is this just an update? Have stars been added to SS6 that weren't visible in SS5? Are the name differences just an update to the catalogs being used?

As an example I was looking up the asterism - The Virgo Diamond. In SS 5 Pro only 3 of the 5 stars are displayed. In SS 6 pro all 5 are displayed. The brightest star - WDS 12333-0038 is visible in both and has the same designation. SS6 shows the GAIA designation for the other 4. SS5 only shows 2 of the other 4 and uses the GSC designation. 

Will an update to the SS6 desktop version fix this or is there something going on with my settings or preferences? I have checked the mag setting, symbol size and name density. It just seems some of the stars are not there. 

The attached screen shots show what I am seeing in SS5 Pro vs SS 6 Pro.

Any input would be appreciated.




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    Bill Tschumy


    The star databases in SS6 where substantially redone.  It doesn't surprise me that there will be stars in SS6 that weren't in SS5.  The two new stars you are seeing are both from the GAIA database which wasn't used in SS5.

    If you have the limiting magnitude (at that specific field of view) turned 15th mag then you should be seeing all the stars in the database

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    John S

    Thanks Bill

    I thought it was probably due to an improvement made in SS6 but wanted to make sure I didn't have something set wrong. Good to see the additional stars in 6. All the more reason to upgrade.

    Best Regards


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