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How To Connect Starry Night Pro 7 + Celestron CGX-L Mount + NextStar HC + Windows 10 + Ascom? (Needs Help!)

Problem: Can't connect to Starry Night Pro7. Message: "No port defined and cannot find Celestron Scope".


        Windows 10.

        NexStar+ connected to mount AUX1 port.

       Cable from HC (mini usb) to powered hub (I've also tried connecting directly to PC USB). No RS232 adapter (I'm assuming this is OK with the "mini" style. I was able to update HC  

             without the RS232 adapter).

        Celestron Telescope Driver added to ASCOM.

        No COM port designated in SN7 Telescope Control Config. I won't let me enter anything.

        Not sure what com port to add to Celestron ASCOM profile I put one in based on what I could deduce but I don't think it's the correct one.

My first question is: Does the HC communicate with the scope or the mount? The mount and scope don't seem to be connected. I should be able to use SN7 without a telescope attached. Correct?

If I do need an RS232 adapter...the one I've been using (SynScan) has the telephone type plug and the new HC has the mini usb, will I need to find a conversion adapter?

I probably have not given enough info and I'm not sure I've even covered all my questions but it's a starting point.

Any advice appreciated




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