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Reporting bugs SN8.0.2

Hi guys,

Just updated from SN7 to SN8 and I must admit I'm a bit confused.

I just want to share with you a few problems I met. The list will probably be extended but I didn't spend much time so far:

1.  The "import data from V7" fonction doesn't work on OS X. Tried on 2 different Mac with 2 different OS releases.

2. There is no shape option for the personal FOV (it works perfect with SN7): they are all circle, even for cameras...

3. Activating "auto backup data to the cloud" re-created FOV that I had already deleted from my list: Rigel Quickfinder and Tetrad, and there is no way to delete them anymore ! More stranger, they are not listed in my online configuration !

4. Would be good to add an option for deep sky objects. We can only read catalogs names, It would be very friendly to have the familiar names as well, at least for the most famous ! (Horse Nebulae, eg)

Hope you'll find an issue...





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    fyi...I use the Windows version of SNpp8 & "import data from V7" also behaved differently than I expected...seems only equipment was imported, not custom FOV indicators or distance spheres or anything like that...

    so I ended up going into my SkyData & related folders & moving things around manually from the folders left over from SN7 to the SN8 folders plus dropped in additional items such as additional user databases I find useful:

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