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How Can I Add 17 Missing Bright Satellites in SkySafari 6 Pro, And How Should I Report More? (Read On!)

Skysafari Six (SS6) has the super awesome feature of SS6>Settings>Solar System>Selected Object Path = You can see the next pass of any selected satellite, including ISS (25544) or any other satellite you select. Disappointingly, of the 1,000 super bright satellites, most are missing!
How can I report missing satellites to Simulation Curriculum? Here is a list of 17 bright satellites in order of of 5 digit Space Identification Number! The 5 digit space identification number does not very but name varies greatly! These names come from the website > Satellite Data Base
But these 17 Solar System objects are missing from SkySafari 6 Pro Database
01- 13552 Cosmos 1408
02- 13553 Cosmos 1408 Rocket
03- 18421 Cosmos 1892
04- 20303 GPS 2-04 Rocket
05- 20322 COBE
06- 20362 GPS 2-04 Rocket
07- 20443 Spot 2 Rocket
08- 21949 USA 81
09- 22219 Cosmos 2219
10- 22236 Cosmos 2221
11- 25876 Global Star 26 Del Rocket
12- 25977 Helios 1B
13- 26070 Cosmos 2369r
14- 26474 Lacross 4r
15- 26905 NOSS 3-1 A
16- 26907 NOSS 3-1 C
17- 28415. SJ-6B Rocket Body
What is best way for me to report the missing super bright Sats? Can they be added?


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    Bill Tschumy

    We don't make an attempt to have all the satellites in SkySafari. I believe we have around 1,800 satellites we download elements for.  It is not surprising that we don't have the exact same list as Heaven's Above.  I bet we have some that they don't.

    We download our satellite elements from the CelesTrak site using their best satellite lists.

    If you want a more comprehensive satellite list you should get Orbittrack by Southern Stars (iOS only). This app was written by the same people that wrote SkySafari (Tim & myself) and is designed specifically for satellites.


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    Hi Bill,
    Thank you for responding immediately about missing super bright satellites.
    SkySafari 6 Pro (SS6P) advertisements say every known solar system object included. And SS6P>Settings>Solar System>Update Minor Body Orbital Data = results, successfully updated 819,411 solar system objects. Why can not 819,411 also include the top 100 brightest satellites?
    1- Are you saying you will not add a few more super bright satellites to SkySafari? It is so wonderful to not change apps when giving a star tour!

    2-Should I work instead w Orbittrack
    or Celes Trak? I know Orbittrack has the same problem.

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    Hi Bill,
    I checked the Orbittrack app on my iPhone 8 and of the above 17 Sats Orbittrack has 5 of 17, So, better than SS6P, 0 0f 17.
    SkySafari 6 is a fun, fantastic, amazing science tool. Is there a way I can help the process of including the few hundred super bright Sats?
    Thanks Dave White

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    Bill Tschumy

    If you want to help, you could look on the CelesTrak site and see if you can find the missing satellites in any of their lists.  If CelesTrak doesn't have them then we would be able to git them without major work to pull data from a different site.

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    Thank you Bill, for your hard work, and Thank you to who ever told me to respond to email by going back to the original forum.

    Dr. T. Kelso, CelesTrak, has been wonderfully supportive of SkySafari also wanting to add Sat Intrinsic Brightness to feed into tools that predict sat pass visual magnitude for any observers particular pass at time of observation. Cool!

    Dr. Kelso will add the above 17 bright satellites to CelesTrak > Current Data > 100 (or so) Bright Sat List

    Unfortunately, Dr. Kelso will only add Bright Sat if on NORAD’s Public Satellites List! So, Dr Kelso will NOT add active US Military Sats such as the above USA 81 (fantastic tumbling sat.) or NOSS 3-1 (A) and NOSS 3-1 (C) which are a pair of visible Sats that fly in formation, one directly behind the other!

    The U.S Military is the largest owner of active satellites but still Celestrak list of “100 (or so) Brightest” could grow to several 1,000 or so.
    I will continue to submit Super. rights As long as Dr T.K. will add to the list 100(or so) Super Brights List
    Thanks Dave W.

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    Bill Tschumy


    Thats for communicating with Dr. Kelso.  I'm glad to hear he will add some of your satellites to his data base.  I know his policy is not to add non-public military satellites to his database.

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