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Feature request - polar alignment

Hello. I'm sure this has been covered before, but I'd like to request a PA feature for Sky Safari.

I understand that sophisticated PA is required for astrophotography, and I use a laptop-based system when I'm photographing DSOs. However I enjoy SkySafari a lot more than the planetarium software I currently use, and it would be awesome if I could use it for casual visual observing with SkyFi or similar. Three-star alignment is fine, but polar alignment is clearly needed for the best results, and as far as I can see it's not an option in Sky Safari Scope Control. All handsets, even for the cheapest mounts, use a star-based PA routine for those who (like me) can't see the celestial pole from where they are, and it makes a really noticeable difference for visual observing accuracy. If those awful handsets can do it, I would hope that Sky Safari could do it in the future.

I would love to get rid of my handset completely - it feels like it's about 1991 every time I use it...

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    Bill Tschumy


    We don't try to implement all features that are available from the hand controller.  That would be a huge task for all the different mounts types out there.  I'm afraid you will continue to need the HC for some operations.

    The most recent release of SkySafari did implement Celestron's All-star Polar Alignment routine for the Celestron Wi-Fi scope type.  This was because you cannot use the hand controller when connected via the Celestron Wi-Fi module.


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