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[Bug] History Gets Confused When Using The Back Button (Solution: Fixed In Update)

In SS6 Pro, regardless of Android version, when you go to the history, click an object (not the first one in the list), then use the back button and click another object, the second object you click is off.  It looks like what's happening is, you have 5 objects in your history, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.  When you click object 3, the history now thinks object 3 is the new object 1, since it's the most recently viewed object.  This is correct, except when you hit back, you're seeing the OLD history, so what shows as object 1 here is now actually going to take you to object 3 and is object 2 instead, rendering everything off.  As you click on objects and go back and forth several times, sometimes the right object shows, other times it doesn't, it gets very hit or miss. 


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    Bill, can you recreate this?

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    Bill Tschumy

    Yes, I can reproduce this.  It looks like it is only an issue if you click an object above the one you previously clicked on.

    I suspect this is a long standing issue that no one has found.  It should be easy to fix.  Thanks for reporting it.


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