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How To Connect Using SkySafari 6 Pro And Orion SynScan App And Orion SynScan WiFi Module (Answer: Contact Orion Support)

I recently purchased an SynScan Wi-Fi dongle (#7961) from Orion and installed the SynScan app to control the telescope and it worked find.  I contacted Orion because I wanted to know it the SkySafari  6 pro app would work with the SynScan app.  They assured me that it would and emailed me the wi-fi settings, well it didn't work.  Please see their instructions and the screen shot I get when trying to connect.  Any assistance on setting these apps up would be greatly appreciated.  I did contact Orion again, but have not received an updated reply.

Thank you.


How to Setup SkySafari for SynScan App

SkySafari 5 Plus or SkySafari 5 Pro is required to work with SynScan App.

SynScan App must be running and has connected to a telescope(or the embedded telescope emulator).

Step 1:
• Tap “Setting”, and scroll to “Telescope” sections.
• Tap “Setup” in “Telescope” section.
• Choose “Skywatcher SynScan” for “Scope Type”
• Choose “Connect via WiFi”
• If SkySafari runs on the same Android device which currently running the SynScan App:
o Fill “IP Address” with ““”; fill “Port Number” with “11882”.
• If SkySafari runs on a device other than the one which is currently running the SynScan App:
o Fill “IP Address” with the IP address of the device which is currently running the SynScan App.


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    Keiron Smith

    Hi Gerry,

    Please review the discussions in the SkyWatcher community forum, regarding the SkyWatcher WiFi module, and how it has been made to work.

    SkySafari | SkyWatcher Telescopes

    SkySafari does not natively support this configuration.  Until such time, any setup instructions, and troubleshooting, must be addressed through SkyWatcher/Orion support.



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