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What Windows Operating System Is Required for Starry Night 8 (Answer: Windows 10)

What versions of Starry Night software will work on a 64 bit machine with Windows 7 Professional?

Would like to be able to purchase the software but limited to use of Win 7 for my other applications that will not work in Win 10.

Thanks for the assistance!!



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    Keiron Smith

    Hi Mike, 

    Starry Night 8 is runs on Windows 10.

    Sorry, Windows 7 is not supported.

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    mike bartenfeld

    Thank you for the input!!


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    Mike, just a thought for you...

    I assume you determined that your win7 programs do not run in windows 10 compatibility mode...(or maybe you really consider win 10 to be a plague, which I can respect ;-)

    but, just in case your windows 7 dependent programs are not heavy gpu driven ray-tracers or something...have you considered converting your win7 box to a vhd or vhdx file run as a VM in windows 10?  especially if your win7 license is not tied to your motherboard hash...

    hyper-v comes with windows 10 pro editions...usually you can just make a vhd image of your win 7 or win xp box then boot that in hyper-v...

    I did this with XP machines that had difficult to install ipc control interfaces...took some effort in my case (mostly because I wanted to shrink the partition size to keep the vhd file small as possible)  but was so much easier to manage afterwards because if anything every got corrupted I just deleted the corrupted image and copied over a backup vhd (or vhdx) the IPC control once stuck on a physical old XP machine became 'portable' I could run it from any machine with hardware upgrades became fast & easy :-)

    you could see if the microsoft sysinternals disk2vhd tool works smoothly in your case...or if your win 7 programs & licenses are easy to re-install then you could just install them into a clean win7 installed to a vhdx via hyper-v.

    just some ideas if you had not already considered them...( I still love win XP I just keep it it in a portable VM & even run it from a fast tiny USB drive...)


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