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How To Track Specific Satellite Passes Overhead? (Answer: Read On, Example With ISS)

This question is for Starry Night Pro Plus 8

Although I can find some of the satellites I am currently interested in, I can't seem to find how to a project the satellite path into the future to determine when it will be visible where I am at and where the path will be relative to me. I also would like to show the same information, namely the path of the satellite over the globe of the earth.

I am moving into using some ham radio satellites as well as intercepting weather satellite imagery directly from the spacecraft.

Are there any directions specifically for this type of activity for Starry Night 8 (Pro Plus)? The latest instructions I can find is for Starry Night 6.


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    You may want to look at  for more info.

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    Keiron Smith

    Hi Satellite Chaser!

    Here is an easy way to achieve your goal.

    1. Search for your satellite or choose one you see in the skychart at any time
    2. Right click on the satellite and choose "Select"
    3. Right-click on the satellite and choose "Start Graphing"
    4. The graph view pops up and shows visually when that object is going to rise, transit and set.
    5. Drag the graph left/right, which moves time forward/backwards
    6. Align the transit of the satellite with the center of the chart, and you will it passing overhead at whatever that time is.

    And, the higher the graph line the closer to 90 degrees overhead when it makes the pass.

    Note, in the screenshot below I have uncheck the options (set by default) to graph the Sun and Moon.


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