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How To Connect Starry Night Pro 8 With StarSense For Skywatcher Using Windows 10? (Answer: Ascom + USB-to-Serial Or SkyFi 3 Required)

Last night I was able to use SS6 Pro with Starsense for Skywatcher, using the procedures found in these forums.

When using SS6, once the alignment is completed using the HC, I could connect with SS6 and control the scope/mount as normal.

Does anyone know if this same procedure would work with SN8? Align using the HC, then connecting to the HC using a PC running SN8?


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    Keiron Smith

    Hi Brad, 

    Yes, this should work.  But, you need to Ascom on Windows.  And either a USB-to-Serial connection, or, our SkyFi 3 to make the connection.


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