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Automatic pan-and-magnify loop bug (SNP 8.0.2, Win 10 May 2019, Surface Laptop 2)

Was taking a tour.  Started at M31 zoomed in to fill my screen.  Then searched for Ring Nebula and centered and magnified it via the context menu.

Saw Lingblad Ring in the suggested Sky Objects, right clicked the entry and selected Magnify.

View zoomed out partway, panned, then zoomed out all the way.  It became caught in a loop bouncing between 150x150deg and 150x149deg.  The screen is still responsive to the mouse, and the loop halted when I manually set zoom.

I suspect it's simply hit a precision boundary in the UX, and you might need to reduce precision a bit to allow the calculation to converge.

SNP 8.0.2

Win 10, May 2019 with latest updates

Surface Laptop 2

High DPI scaling compat overrides set to Application


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