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How To Connect The Meade LX85 And SkyFi 3? (Answer: Bottom Of The Hand Controller Unless The LX85 Manuel Says Differently)


I'm wondering how on earth to connect my Meade LX85 to SkiFi iii. You can se the various ports on the mount below. Please bear in mind that I'm not particularly technical.

Many thanks.

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    Keiron Smith

    Hi Roger, 

    The LX85 has a hand controller.  Plug the hand controller into the mount.  The SkyFi 3 + Meade serial cable go into the bottom of the LX85 hand controller.

    Also, read the LX85 manual.  Wherever it says you can plug in a computer to control the mount, that is where you can plug in SkyFi 3 + Meade serial cable.


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