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Can I Connect SkySafari Directly To Astro Devices Encoder Via SkyWire (Answer: Unknown)


I have an encoder kit from Astro Devices that outputs signals through an RJ-45 cable. I am trying to figure out how to make it work with SkySafari on iOS.

Can I connect SkyWire to the RJ-45 cable through an adapter, and then connect the SkyWire to the iPhone?

I think it would depend on the pin mapping between the RJ-45 on the encoder and the RS-232 on SkyWire. 

Any advice?

Thank you!


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    Keiron Smith

    Hi Ming, 

    No one has used SkyWire successfully with an adapter.  You are welcome to experiment.  But, your custom configuration is outside the scope of support for SkySafari + SkyWire.


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    I believe skywire is basically just a serial adapter for iOS, but the support personal here should know for sure.

    The encoders' RJ45 needs to be connected to a DSC, and then you can connect skywire to the DSC's serial port. So you need a Nexus (AstroDevices) or SkyCommander or similar box.

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