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My Feedback About Starry Night Pro Plus 8 And LiveSky Web Tool

FYI.  I find Starry Night Pro Plus 8 staff helpful, responsive and resolve issues when reported - quickly.  I am learning LiveSky web tool using Starry Night Pro Plus 8 to make entries.  Basic use currently and I do find the web format useful.  Keep improving.  This week I observed Jupiter retrograding in Ophiuchus and looked up a 7th magnitude star nearby in the FOV that I observed along with the Galilean moons.  Good and accurate position shown in Starry Night Pro Plus 8 and star information too, along with the ability to show HR diagram position.  I compared to Stellarium 0.19.0 and SIMBAD portal.  I use an Orion SkyQuest XT10i and a 90-mm refractor (1.25 inch focuser) on alt-azimuth tripod with Telrad.  No astrophotography but I really enjoy observing (includes solar observing with white light filter) using Starry Night Pro Plus 8, also learning to post observations to LiveSky.  I have my own MS ACCESS DB as well.

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    Keiron Smith

    Thank you Roderick for sharing your feedback and success stories!

    Clear skies!

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