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Too much information on the map.

When I search on an object then click the box it shows up on the map with the name and a description of the type of object. I don't want the description ( spiral galaxy, globular cluster...) of the object. The description clutters the map with too much information.


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    I'm curious, do you mean the description that comes up in the top bar for a couple seconds then disappears?  What device are you using? 

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    Bill Tschumy

    I'm assuming that he is referring to Starry Night rather than SkySafari and just posted in the wrong place.  In Starry Night there is a HUD that displays various info about the object the mouse is hovering over.  I suspect that is what he is referring to.

    The info in the HUD is totally configurable as well and when it becomes visible.

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    Yes, this is Starry Night Pro. I'm familiar with the HUD but this isn't about the HUD. 

    My issue isn't with the HUD but with the labels shown on the chart after you have searched on an object and checked the box so that a label is shown on the chart. I'm creating an all sky chart to show the objects I'll be looking at in one evening. Say 15 objects. Each label not only gives the name of the object but also gives the type of object - open cluster, star, etc. The additional information about the object, open cluster, star,,, makes the label long and frequently the labels overlay each other. I would like to remove the additional information in the label that says the object is a star or an open cluster so that the label is shorter and doesn't overlay other labels as frequently.

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