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Starry Night 8 and Support for Mac OS Mojave Fall 2019 Release



I am a dedicated Starry Night Pro user for at least 20 years. I am a Mac user and was wondering will there be support for the  New Mac OS Mojave 2019 Fall release? The last time I updated Starry Night Pro Plus because of a new  Mac OS release Starry Night failed. I took quite a bit of time to get a new Starry Night release out.

Should I wait and see if Starry Night will support Mac OS Mojave 2019 Fall release or is the support team acquiring the Mac OS betas and working on Starry Night now?



Andre Ficklin

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    Keiron Smith

    Hi Andre, 

    SN8 will be fully compatible with the next version of macOS when it is publicly released.  SN8 is fully compatible is Mojave now.


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