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Can I Reinstall SkySafari 5 Pro On Android As A WorkAround For The Current iOptron Firmware Issue? (Solution: Update To The Latest Version Of SkySafari)

I have recently discovered that the iOptron CEM scope control in SS6+ is broken. I have confirmed (on a friend's phone with SS5+) that Scope Control works on SS5+, but find that SS5+ has disappeared from Google Play. How do I rewind to SS5+ ? (yes, I have paid for it)


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    a developer can only "unpublish" android apps, they can not delete will still be listed in your "my apps library" in google play

    reference (link):

    login to your google play account, and select "my apps"...scroll through your entire apps list to find your old paid Sky Safari 5 Pro is quite a ways down in my list...way past the Sky Safari 6 (probably depends on how the list is sorted)...keep clicking "show more"...

    from a pc, you can even force it to install to a given device from the play store...just click the green 'installed' button from the apps page, confirm sign in, and then select the device to which you want the older version to install...

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    Steve Tonkin

    Thank you for your help; that worked.

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    Jim Nash

    I am an iOS user and also am unable to connect to Skysafari Plus on my ASIAIR. I noticed a pretty substantial update to the app last night and was curious if maybe this issue was resolved in this latest version. If not, does anyone know of a workaround for this?





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