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How To Connect SkySafari 6 Plus To A Vixen Starbook 10? (Answer: Read On)

I use SkySfari Plus (ver6.4.0.3). I tried connect Vixen Star book ten, Connection failure . Dose it support Star book ten ?

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    Keiron Smith

    Hi Hideki, 

    I'm copying the reply from this post here:

    Control the Mount Telescope Vixen GPD2

    The Vixen StarBook controller uses an ethernet interface, which is also physically incompatible with SkyFi III. However, you can use an Apple AirPort Express (or other wireless router) to control the StarBook from our SkySafari iPhone app.  You also need to configure SkySafari to communicate with the StarBook controller at on port 80.

    This document explains in more detail:


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