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What Can We Expect From The Apollo 11 Mission Data IAP? (Answer: Read On)

Am I missing something? I've got it installed, can see 'View missions' and select the one I want but very little happens - is there supposed to be more? I expected to see the surface as the craft landed, etc.


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    Keiron Smith

    Hi Ron, 

    The Apollo 11 mission data came from NASA, it was a labor of love to decode and recode for Starry Night and SkySafari, and now offers an accurate simulation of the flight path taken from Earth to the Moon and back again.  The models are all highly accurate, faithful to the original.  Simulated landings on to the surface of the Moon are beyond the scope of what Starry Night and SkySafari can show.  We hope you enjoy what we have done with Apollo 11 mission data.

    Thanks for your feedback!

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    Ron Bonner

    Got it ...thanks. I appreciate the effort involved! The initial display of the complete trajectory is nice, but couldn’t you make it automatically step from one section to another to give a more integrated display. Probably not worth doing now of course😉 

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