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How To Fix SkySafari 6 Pro Locking Up With LiveSky On macOS (Answer: Apple-Force Quit And/Or Reboot)

Upon logging in a day or so ago, my OSX version of Sky safari 6 pro is entirely unusable.    Tried again just now, still stuck.. Seems some update occurred which has creamed my installation or corrupted something.

When the program starts, it starts with the livesky login screen in the middle of the window, and will do nothing.  I can enter my credentials, which it doesn't seem to recognize and when I hit enter, all it does is give me some sound effect (thunk) but doesn't allow me to use the program, and certainly not log into livesky or anything else. 

I can't get ride of the livesky window, nor do anything else.. so basically paper weight (if a program could be such a thing).

I also noticed, with extreme disappointment, that I still can't log into this support site from Safari.. I have to use chrome... sigh...



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    Update, I killed the program a second time (apple-force quit).   

    Restarted - all of my settings were gone.

    I was able to log into livesky to get some previous setting back, but no longer locked up and for the time being it is working.


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    Keiron Smith

    An excellent result, except you should have been able to restore all the settings that are saved to LiveSky.

    What settings were not restored via LiveSky that should have been?


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