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Temporary Alignment Adjustment

I have an Orion Intelliscope, and use the SkyBT and an Android device.  For this scope, I initialize the Orion computerized Object Locator, but perform the alignment in SkySafari, rather than the COL.

For whatever reasons, my alignment accuracy is usually mediocre to poor.  I often find that my selected object is a full degree away from the displayed location.

My workaround is to center a nearby known object in the eyepiece, and make a mental note of where it appears on the screen.  Then, I move the scope so that the desired object is in the same screen location.  This works well, except that my mental note of the object location lacks precision.

So, my suggestion is to provide a "second alignment" feature which would be valid for a limited area of the sky, and could be cancelled when desired.  The user would select a known star on SkySafari, center it in the eyepiece, and then tell SkySafari to perform the new alignment.  Then, the displayed locations should correspond the reality for other nearby objects.  For other areas of the sky, the new alignment would likely be worse than the original alignment, so we would need to be able to cancel the new alignment.  Then, the process could be repeated in the new celestial neighborhood, if needed.


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