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Starry Night 6.4.3 won't completely install.

Been running Starry Night 6.4.3 on Windows 10 since November. All seemed well. Last week it suddenly would not open, I removed it and reinstalled with my original downloaded install file and with a freshly downoaded install file. Same result. The problem seems to be that only the Sky Data folder is installed in the Starry Night 6 program file - no executable file is present. I I even attempted a repair install. What is wrong?

I use Starry Night frequently and don't want to lose it. I prefer version 6 over 6 plus and 7, which I have puchased. Can you help me reinstall version 6 with updates and get it running? Thanks,Kieron.

Robert Maraschin

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    Keiron Smith

    Hi Robert,

    I resent your download links and registration info for Pro Plus 6 to...

    Please download a new installer.

    V6 is not supported anymore - but, you're welcome to keep trying.


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