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[Feature Request] Advanced Find: value of adding drop down menu to select another field to search like "Description" or "Other Data" rather than just "Name"

Being able to search other fields in the databases would provide a way to more easily encounter the great 'what I did not know' "info" currently in the object databases as well as special topic mentions like "Hubble Space Telescope" or Kepler's Law" or "protoplanetary disk" or "binocular"

For example: Advanced find currently does not offer searching object info data fields like "Description" or "Other Data".

"Other Data" -> Double/multiple -> '< 10'  such a search would produce a result of just the 'close doubles' i.e. < 10 seconds of separation which I could then use to create a "close doubles" observing list. (I have marked this data field example in pink on the attached screenshot.) 

"Description" --> "seconds of arc" or "Courtesy of Jim Kaler" or "binocular" or ... some "double stars" have a very nice detailed "Description" with magnitude of the secondary stars plus orbit & mass discussion etc., but some do not...Being able to search the "Description field" would make it much easier to find the well described objects. For example, searches of the description field for "seconds of arc" or "eccentricity" or "minimum distance" or "years to orbit" or "Courtesy of Jim Kaler" would produce interesting & useful results.

"Description" -->  "binocular" or "emission nebula" or "protoplanetary disk" "gas clouds" would pull up interesting nebula or cluster descriptions, etc...

This would help with both searching for things we already know, and perhaps even more importantly, related things we do not yet know.



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