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Why Is There A Difference Between SkySafari/Celestron Wifi Vs. NexStar Hand Controller Alignment Procedures For AVX Mount (Answer: Celestron Maintains The Code, Ask Celestron Support For Clarification)

I'm curious about the differences between the alignment procedures of the NexStar hand controller vs. the SkySafari interface (equatorial mount).

The hand controller makes a distinction between "alignment" stars and "calibration" stars. It first has you pick two alignment stars, then has you pick calibration stars as needed until GOTO accuracy is satisfactory. This usually takes 3 or 4 calibration stars for me (in addition to the first 2 alignment stars).

SkySafari makes no reference to "calibration" stars. It has you pick 4 "alignment" stars, 2 east of the meridian, 2 west. My GOTOs are not very accurate at this point, but if I tap on "align" after centering another target, accuracy is passable.

From the perspective of the mount's computer, are the second two alignment stars in the SkySafari procedure handled identically to the first two "calibration" stars in the hand controller's procedure?

Using the hand controller, if you align to additional stars after exiting the "calibration" star procedure, this replaces one of the first two alignment stars in the model (as opposed to adding additional calibration stars). How are extra stars entered with SkySafari handled -- ie, do these also replace the initial alignment stars, or are they added more like calibration stars?





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    Bruce Lathrop

    Yes, I also have this question.  bl

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    Keiron Smith

    Jon, Bruce, 

    For both the Celestron hand controller and the SkySafari Celestron WiFi UI and alignment procedure it is Celestron that is responsible for the development and maintenance of the code.  So, it is Celestron Support that you must ask for clarification.

    And, please update this post with whatever you find out.


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