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Synscan Pro APP to Sky Safari 5 Pro and/or Skysafari 6 Plus via EQStar drive connection

Hi to everyone.

I'm experiencing some troubles when using my EQStar drive with Skysafari 5 Pro or even Skysafari 6 Plus, by using the Synscan Pro 1.17 APP in order to connect to them, but just when using my new Android 9.1 Cell Phone. Having the message: "Can connect to wifi but the telescope is not responding"...

When using my Android 5 tablet I can connect to Skysafari 5 Pro through the Synscan Pro 1.17 APP with no issues.

IP for Synscan Pro APP when connected is:

Skysafari configuration must be (as indicated by the EQStar maker, and working testes on Android 5): Use WIFI, IP:, Port: 11882 (Works on Android 5, not working on Android 9.1)

Is there anybody having the same issue when trying to use that combination in a 9.1 Android Cell Phone? Any idea on how to solve it?


Thank you in advance and kind regards.




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