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Maximum Correction Sync Value From ASIAIR Platesolving.


I have an EQ6-R Pro with an ASIAIR that I use with SkySafari Pro, so far i have not performed a proper 3 star alignment I simply go through the process without even bothering to check where the star is, and then rely on platesolving in the ASIAIR to correct the goto inaccuracy. Thus far the platesolving feature in ASIAIR has not failed me. However one of the reasons i switched to ASIAIR and SkySafari is that I had a bad experience with Cartes Du Ceil, platesolve2 and EQMOD not syncing up (i believe it was EQMOD that wouldn't accept correction, as it was too far off) obviously I am keen to prevent this from occurring again, as this was the entire reason I started using ASIAIR and SkySafari. 

So my question is, is an accurate 3 star alignment 100% necessary (I use a polemaster so my polar alignment is always pretty good), other users have told me it is, my experience tells me its not as critical. And what is the greatest correction that skysafari will accept? 

looking at a similar thread apparently EQMOD through the SynScan handset in PC direct mode is not supported, which might of been my issue with EQMOD / CDC. Anyway the question still stands. 



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