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SkySafari 6 + SkyFi 3 + SkyWatcher AZ EQ6 + iPhone XS iOS 2.1.3 = Slow Response To Buttons, Nav, GoTo, Etc (Answer: Can Not Be Reproduced On Other Devices - Duplicate Post)


Versions: IOS 12.4, Skysafari Pro, SynScan latest version, SkyFi3 latest firmware, Iphone XS 256Gb

Meant to report this a while back, since upgrading to Iphone Xs, when connecting to skywatcher AZEQ6 performance is intermittently really slow / sluggish, have attached log files from 2 sessions to highlight. i.e. button responses circa 2-3 seconds, when slew with tilt, scope keeps on skewing for 1-2 seconds after levelled or change direction, local align feature takes 2-3 secs to complete etc. When not connected app is fine and works fluidly.

let me know if you need any more - note i cannot attach my log file so let me know the right email thanks




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