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How to Connect SkySafari 6 Pro + ZWO ASIAIR + SkyWatcher Explorer? (Answer: ZWO ASIAIR Is Not Officially Supported, User Needs Community Help!)

Hello I am not able to make a Wi-Fi connection via the ZWO Iasiar the telescope is skywatcher Explorer 200/1000 mounting Goto EQ-5.


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    Keiron Smith

    Hi Stargazer, 

    The ZWO ASIAIR WiFi camera controller is not officially supported.  Hopefully, other community members can advise, and help you find success.

    Please also contact ZWO ASIAIR support for assistance.


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    I did however, find some information on the ZWO website that enables the ASIAIR Pro to work with SkySafari Plus(in my case using the AZ-GTI mount) and EQ Mode cable.

    Just tried it indoors, seems to work and now back to waiting for a decent weather window to test outside.

    Strange settings, but they appear to work.

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