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Is It Possible To Change Forum Post Email Notifications To Weekly/Monthly? (Answer: No, Notifications Are Realtime)

It's so great -- and characteristic of Sky Safari developers -- to provide a forum for feedback about the forum!  You all manage to work both app development and support on multiple levels, including the meta-level, and that's appreciated!


I have a question about following threads...  it seems that I receive an email any time anyone adds a post to a discussion I'm following!  Is there a way to change that to a daily or weekly notification that there have been new comments?


Right now, my In Box gets filled with SkySafari forum posts!  (Well, truth be told, it's my astronomy box as I have a filter set up, but you catch my drift.  It's an onslaught! )  As an interim solution I've turned off following of threads, but that, of course, requires my remembering to check in here to see if there have been any updates!

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    Keiron Smith

    Hi Larry, 

    Please #4 here: How to Use Your New Community Support Forums

    You can follow a forum or you can follow a post.  You may want to choose posts instead.  There is no weekly/monthly update option.


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