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How To Connect SkySafari 6 Pro To An iOptron Alt/Az Pro Mount With Hand Controller 8407+? (Answer: Read On!)

As I already read there are problems with this constellation. But I got lost in all these mails. My firmware is Handcontroller V2 170322 and Mainboard 170410.

Any advices would bevery appreciated.

Greetings from the Rhineland




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    I don't have the new AltAz Pro mount with the 8407+ HC, but I do have an iEQ45-Pro with the 8407+ HC, and I have a MT, MT2 and MTP mounts all with 8401 HC's.  And they all work with SkySafari-6 Pro Android.  I connect to my iEQ45-Pro mount using a SkyBT Bluetooth serial to Bluetooth adapter -- and I connect to my MT mounts using the SkyFi-III (because it has a USB connection) using WiFi.  So SkySafari-6 Pro does successfully connect to and control various iOptron mounts.

    Make sure you have the proper mount selected in SkySafari:  "iOptron CEM/iEQ Pro/AZ Mount Pro."

    Make sure you have "Connect via WiFi" selected under Communications Settings.

    After than I'm not sure because I think the AZ Mount Pro has its own built-in WiFi and I don't know how that works.

    Hopefully the SkySafari guys can give you more detailed assistance.


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    Keiron Smith

    Thank you very much, Woody, for your assistance!  We need iOptron users to help one another in the community forums.  I'm moving this post to the SkySafari | iOptron forum.

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