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SkySafari 6 Pro On macOS 10.12.6 Does Not Connect To An iOptron CEM 40 Using ZWO ASIAIR (Answer: Needs More Help!)

I have used SF 6 Pro with ASIair on my iPad for about a month with no problems however I am unable to establish a connection between SF 6.4.0 on a MacBook Pro (OS 10.12.6) and the CEM40, there is no option to select this mount in the list of mounts. The "iOptron CEM/iEQ/AZ pro" option does not work. The suggestion that SF5 may work is not an option since this version in not available through the App Store. I have used SF since V4 but no longer have old copies. I would like to use Kstars/Ekos plus SF to control my observatory but this link is broken.


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    David Moll

    I have been out the last 3 nights with my iOptron CEM40, iStarFi wireless adapter, and iPad Pro running OS13. I have no problem making a connection, the "iOptron CEM/iEQ/ AZ Pro" choice does work. Unfortunately, as soon as the connection is made the alignment dats in the mount is destroyed and the GoTo, as a result, is hosed. Also, some jumping around of the star map occurs, which is very annoying. IMHO, this latest install version of the app is very buggy.

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    Keiron Smith

    David Murray, 

    Older versions of SkySafari can be installed again via the Mac AppStore "Purchased" category.  Provided the OS is supported you can always install previously purchased apps.

    Unfortunately, I have to say ZWO ASIAIR and iOptron's StarFi WiFi are not officially supported at this time.  

    If there are issues using SkySafari with a direct Serial-to-USB connection (on a Macbook), or using SkySafari with a wireless connection via SkyFi 3 (on Macbook, iOS, Android), then we can troubleshoot and fix whatever it is.

    We do not have ZWO ASIAIR in-house.  Nor, the iOptron StarFi.  These devices have been manufactured and released, and marketed as being supported using SkySafari, but all without working with our developers.

    That said, there are a number of very good troubleshooting discussions in this iOptron community forum - here is one for StarFi:

    SkySafari 6 Pro | How To Connect To the iOptron AZ Mount Pro Using the iOptron StarFi WiFi Adapter? (Solution: Read On)

    I do not see any solutions discussed regarding ZWO ASIAIR.

    Please make sure you create NEW posts for each different configuration that needs troubleshooting; i.e. SS6 on Macbook using ZWO ASIAIR and SS6 on iPad using StarFi should not be discussed in the same post.




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