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Does SkySafari Require An Internet Connection To Control A SkyWatcher AZ-GTI Mount? (Answer: An Internet Connection Is Not Required)



Oct 3, 10:54 EDT

Hi everyone, I am a newbie to Astronomy and would just like to ask this question.
I have the AZ-GTI Mount and I am controlling it using The Nexus 7 ( 2nd gen ) pad and SycScan 1.17.1, and also running the Sky-Safari Pro App at the same time and all run together very smoothly.
My Question is, the Nexus 7 has only a WiFi connection so when I connect to Syn-scan it warns me that this connection has no Internet access ( unlike when I use an iPhone ) but everything functions normally and I can Control the Mount and even run Sky-Safari Pro at the same time switching between programs with ease and lightning-fast.
BUT, as I am not connected to the internet does this mean that the Programs ( Syn-scan Sky-Safari Pro ) are not running correctly?

What I am asking really does SynScan & Sky-Safari Pro apps require an internet connection to function. Or is setting your Location and Date & Time all these programs require?

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    Keiron Smith

    Hi Terrance, 

    SkySafari does not require an internet connection.  Provided you set the time correctly in SkySafari, that is all you need for telescope control accuracy.

    Thanks for your patience waiting for a reply.

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