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Has Support For SkySafari Disappeared? (Answer: No, We Are Still Here!)

Hmmm, a couple of months ago we reported a major bug (images of planets truncated), and nothing. I reported two minor bugs and even no answer. I'd like to remind you that SkySafari Pro is a COMMERCIAL software and these are not times for a commercial software support nowadays. Is Skysafari dying?

Alberto Cavalli

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    Keiron Smith

    Hi Alberto, 

    As per previous announcements, SkySafari's lead developer, Bill Tschumy, has recently retired, and with his departure the development timeline for SkySafari has had a rescheduling.

    We are always reviewing all the posts in the community forums.  Bugs reports will be triaged and addressed in the next SkySafari updates.

    Thanks for your patience waiting for a reply.

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