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Does Starry Night Pro 8 Support Avalon Mounts StarGo On macOS? (Answer: If SkySafari Does Then Starry Night Does Too)

H, I would like to know if SN8 will support Avalon/StarGo anytime soon. (OSX)

It is a LX200 / German protocol and can be used under USB and WiFi as well.

SkySafariPro is addressed as the software of choice by the Avalon manufacturer and it controls the mount correctly (WiFi only - the USB connection is a mess)
iOS SkySafariPlus controls the mount correctly as well


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    Keiron Smith

    On macOS, Starry Night and SkySafari share the same telescope driver library and therefore scope type options as well.  So, if you can connect successfully with SkySafari then you can do the same with Starry Night..


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