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[Feature Request] Could the Orbit function be toggled off please?

I use Sky Safari 6 Pro at my scope.

When reading information about an object in the FOV, I have inadvertently tapped on the "Orbit" function on the task bar, on more than one occasion.

It is very close to the "Center" function on the Taskbar. Getting out of "Orbit' and back to normal mode is a distraction from my viewing experience.

I also have never had the need to use the "Orbit" function, and cannot foresee such a need.

Could the "Orbit" function be toggled off so that it does not appear on the Taskbar? Or moved away from the "Center" function?

Thank you! 


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    You can customize the position of the buttons on the task bar. I would suggest that you move it to place where it is less likely that you will press it inadvertently.

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    I don't think his problem is the task bar, but the buttons on the info page.

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    Chris Poynter

    That's correct, the Orbit button only appears on the Info page and cannot be configured. 

    Thanks, Chris

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