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Astronomy Textbook Evaluator Testing (By Invitation Only)

How to Apply:

Please note, not all applicants will included in the textbook evaluator-testing.  You must first receive an invitation from Pedro Braganca. 

Please reply here (in a comment below) if you can help us at this time.

When you are officially invited to participate you will see and have access to the Astronomy Textbook Evaluator Testing forum.  The Astronomy Textbook  Evaluator Testing forum is hidden until you are invited to participate.

The Process:

As you find bugs/issues in Astronomy Textbook please first review the current discussions in this evaluator-testing forum (which is hidden until you are invited).  If your bug/issue has already been identified please comment on the existing post.  If your bug/issue has not been identified please create a NEW post in the Astronomy Textbook Evaluator Testing forum. 

For clarity regarding this bug reporting process please see the Example Bug Report (hidden until you are officially invited)

Please do not submit tickets with bugs/issues.

How To Follow The Astronomy Textbook Evaluator Forum:

As part of your participation we would appreciate that you follow the Astronomy Textbook Evaluator Testing forum.  Following a forum means you will receive email updates when anyone creates a NEW post or comments/replies to one of the existing posts. This is important for two reasons.

  1. Following the forum ensures you receive email updates regarding all admin communications to the evaluators.  If admins make a post asking for assistance you will get an email update with that post.
  2. Following is also very important so that you have an on-going status report regarding bugs/issues identified, confirmed, requiring further testing, or have been resolved, etc.  This will help you stay on top of the overall process, and ensure you are not duplicating efforts where issues are already known and resolved.


To FOLLOW the Astronomy Textbook Evaluator Testing community forum please see here.  Note, you must have been invited first, and have access to the forum before you can follow it.



Replying to Email Updates:

When you follow the Astronomy Textbook Evaluator Testing forum you will receive email updates regarding new posts (and comments, if opted for).  Please do not reply to email updates using the "Reply" function.  Please first use the "View the comment" link to open the community forum post, then reply to the post.  

This point is crucially important - so please understand the image below (this an example of an SS6 Beta Testing email update as seen using my web browser Yahoo email account).

If you use the email update "Reply" function your reply will NOT be added to the community forum discussion.



How to Use the Community Forums:

For clarity regarding how to use the Community Forums (posting/replying/following) please see here:

How To Sign Into The Community Forums (Required For Posting And Replying To Topics)

Browsers Supported by Simulation Curriculum Community Forums (Cookies Must Be Enabled)

How To Use Your New Community Support Forums


Astronomy Textbook EvaluatorTesting Summarized


  1. SIGN IN or create account on this Simulation Curriculum support website.
  2. REPLY to this post (in a comment below) in order to apply to the Astronomy Textbook Evaluator Testing group.
  3. FOLLOW the main Astronomy Textbook Evaluator forum to be kept up-to-date of any new posts (bug reports) and discussions thereafter (you get email updates).
  4. REVIEW previous beta testing discussions before posting your bug report.
  5. COMMENT on bugs already reported.
  6. Create NEW posts for bugs not yet reported.
  7. Follow the bug reporting GUIDELINES when reporting or commenting on bugs.
  8. Do NOT reply/comment to email updates.  Instead, VIEW the post first, then comment.
  9. Post any questions, about anything to do with the beta testing, in the beta forum.  We will reply to you there. 

Thank YOU! 

We are very excited about the up and coming Astronomy Textbook and we're looking forward to working closely with everyone involved in the evaluator testing.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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    Keiron Smith

    Thanks Durval.  But, this is special to educators invited specifically by Pedro Braganca. 

  • 0
    Erin Jostes

    We received the email invitaion and would like to help.  Thanks!

  • 0
    Pedro Braganca

    Hi Erin,  

    Can you reply to the email we sent out announcing the textbook?  Just want to confirm you received it.  Don't forget to include which LMS you are using.  Thank you for your help!


  • 0
    Andrew Young

    Invited By Pedro Braganca

  • 0
    Keiron Smith

    Thanks, Andrew!  You are approved!

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    Dr. Robert Arts

    Invited By Pedro Braganca

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