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Command Failure - Your Alignment Target Is Too Far From the Telescope's Actual Position ...

I am getting this error while trying to align with the Sun. I read your forum article on this, with the 3 possible causes. I know I have selected the Sun, and so it must be cause (2) or (3). I am using a Celestron NexStar Evolution, so Celestron WiFi. So SkySafari should be sending the correct time to the scope. So it must be (2), initial alignment model is very inaccurate.

So, is there a way to clear out the alignment model in the scope? 

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    Keiron Smith

    Hi Stephen, 

    Please include the following information:

    1. App and version.
    2. Android OS.
    3. Alignment process - step-by-step.
    4. Screenshot of the error message.

    Have you tried any other alignment methods; i.e not using the Sun?  Is this error only occurring when trying to align on the Sun?  

    Please confirm with Celestron (check the Evolution user manual), but you may be able to clear the alignment model using the power button on your Evolution mount.

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