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How To Configure SkySafari 6 Pro On Android For Use With SynScan Pro App And SynScan WiFi Module? (Please, Any User Reply To This Query)

Have to skip between the Skywatcher app and SkySafari app to keep the connection with the skywatcher wifi connection with the SkySafari app Android 9

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    Keiron Smith

    Hi SkyWatcher, 

    Please outline exactly how you are setting up, configuring SkySafari 6 Pro for use with the SkyWatcher (SynScan) WiFi module and SynScan Pro app on Android 9.  Screenshots would be helpful.  Other users are struggling to succeed with the same setup as you.  Please then also explain the "skip" issue - and it would be very helpful to make a short screen recorded video demonstrating this "skip" issue.

    Unfortunately, SkyWatcher/SynScan claimed SkySafari support without consulting with our developers.  We would like to support SynScan WiFi natively in SkySafari 6 Pro, in 2020.  But for now, the configuration provided by SkyWatcher/SynScan is what it is.


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