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New SkyFi 3 Charging Light Fails To Illuminate When AC Is Plugged In (Answer: RMA Under Warranty For Replacement)

I purchased a SkyFi 3 from your website a few weeks ago (November 4, 2019) . It has the latest firmware version. When I plug it into the included AC charger, the "Charging" light does not come on. The charging light does not come on regardless of whether the SkyFi 3 is turned on or not. I've tried plugging in the AC charger to different outlets but the result is the same. I checked the battery status via the SkyFi 3's web page, and the battery appears to charge OK.

Is there any troubleshooting I can do?

Since this is a brand new SkyFi 3 with a non-functioning charging light, please let me know how I can exchange it for a SkyFi 3 that functions properly. Thanks.


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    Robin Clark

    No response here so I called Simulation Curriculum and spoke to Customer Service. They've asked me to return the defective unit and they will send me another one.

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