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How To Connect SkySafari 6 Pro With The Synscan Pro App On One Android Device + The SynScan WiFi Module?

Hello. I have an AZ-GTI Skywatcher mount. Some days ago I purchased Sky Safari 6 Pro for Android and I am trying to connect Skywatcher Synscan (I previously choose this scope as Scope type in Sky Safari) with Sky Safari 6 Pro via Wifi and I have used the I.P. address and the Port 11882, but when I try to connect the scope Sky Safary 6 tells me:
"SkySafari Pro can't make a wireless connection to the scope. If you're using a bluetoth serial adapter, make sure that it's turned on and paired with the Android device. If you're using wifi, make sure you've joined the scope's Wi-Fi, and entered its IP address correctly".

Please, could you tell me what I must do to connect properly Skywatcher Synscan with Sky Safari 6 Pro?


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