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Will SkySafari 6 Pro Connect To And Control My Meade LX90? (Answer: Yes, Read On!)

Good morning

I am considering purchasing Sky Safari 6 Pro for my Meade LX90.   Is it compatible?  I see it works with the LX200 and the two are similar.




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    John Pierce

    Long as you have the Autostar paddle, that has a RS232 serial port, which is fully supported by SkyFi or SkyBT adapters, which will let you run Sky Safari cordlessly..





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    For what it's worth, I had issues with SkySafari working with my LX90. 


    I drilled very deep into it (I'm a software dev by trade) and the issue revolved around my LX90 audiostar would not always respond to serial commands. This happened regardless if I was plugged directly in via cable or using some BT wireless device. 

    SkySafari doesn't seem to retry commands so it would always disconnect and be very intermittent in working.... I eventually gave up and use other software that does retry. 

    I could have a bum LX90 module so I can't really blame this problem on sky safari...  I suspect that's the case otherwise lots of LX90 owners would be complaining. 






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