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SkySafari 6 Pro Does Not Support Serial/USB Communications With iOptron CEM40 (Answer: User Needs Help)

The suggested answer to this problem (use Scope Type: CEM/iEq Pro//AZ Mount Pro) DOES NOT WORK, nor do any other choices. Attempting to connect to the mount using a USB A-B cable connected to the USB port on the CEM40 or using a Keyspan USA 19HS serial adapter connected to the hand controller gives the following message in the error log: 

Sent ASCII at 2019/12/25 17:31:17 with error 0:
Received ASCII at 2019/12/25 17:31:20 with error -13:

repeated for times followed by a dialog box saying CONNECTION FAILURE  The scope is not responding.  etc.

I am using a upgraded 2012 MacBook Pro running OS X 10.12.6 with a SSD and 16GB RAM. SkySafari 6 Pro is the latest version installed from the App Store a few days ago.

I have the same problem with SS6Pro on my iPad Pro using ASIair.  This problem. does not occurs with the same setup with my other mounts: iOptron CEM25EC, ZEQ25, and Losmandy G-11 Gemini. 

SkySafari is not the only telescope control app that does not communicate with the CEM40. I have tested 6 other apps and only StellerMate V 1.4.6 (beta) for Raspberry Pi 4b makes a serial connection.  The CEM40 uses a 8407 +  hand controller and apparently a different driver is required. Emails to iOptron were of little help, saying it works fine with their iStarFi wireless device. That is NOT a solution. Through communication with Jasem Mutlaq of Stellarmate/INDI he was able to make communication work with the version of SM mentioned above. So it appears there is an INDI driver solution, it just needs to be incorporated into the software.  As a note, event though the latest ASIair app for iPad lists the CEM40 as an option, it does not work.  I've written to ZWOptical but have not received a reply.

I hope this issue can be resolved because it renders an otherwise excellent mount of limited usefulness.  

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    You mention that your setup works with your CEM25EC mount.  I have the CEM25P mount and can not connect with it using SkySafari 6 Pro using my iPhone 10 or MacBook Pro using both USB to RS232 converter attached to the iOptron BD9 cable plugged into the iOptron port on the mount. …  I've installed the iOptron Commander and ASCOM Driver Installer (V5.7.4.1, Sept. 10, 2019) driver and selected the CEM/iEQ... mount.  My HC is the 8408 with the fastest firmware see photo.


    Any insight you have to making a good connection is appreciated.

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