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Observing List Edit Reorder UI Missing (Answer: Fixed In Next Update)

Bug Report: SS6 Pro v. missing Grab icons in Observing List Edit mode

Seen on both iPhone 8 Plus (iOS v. 13.3) and iPad Pro

Steps to reproduce:

Tap "Observe" and then "Observing Lists".

Tap "Edit".

Grab icons should be displayed to the right of each observing list in Edit mode, so you can re-order a list. The Grab icons are missing, but you can still grab the right side of a list to move it.

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    Garry Bluhm

    It’s another iOS “Display & Brightness” Light / Dark setting related bug. The grab bars are visible in Dark mode but not in Light mode.

    iPad Pro 9.7” iOS 13.3 , SkySafari 6 Pro v6.6.1.3

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