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When Aligned & Connected Via SkySafari Celestron WiFi Can I Still Use The Celestron Hand Controller To Slew The Scope? (Answer: Celestron Recommends Only Using SkySafari For Slewing/GOTOs After Initial Alignment Using Celestron WiFI)

If I use SkySafari with a Celestron Evolution and connect with the stock "Celestron Wi-Fi", then align it using only the app directly, is it possible to then just slew using only the telescopes hand controller (up, down / left, right) inputs? Will SkySafari maintain the apps alignment, or after alignment is it necessary or preferable for some reason to use the apps (up, down / left, right) controls exclusively?

When the target is mostly in the eyepiece I want to fine tune my view using the hand controllers tactile (up, down / left, right) controls but I don't want to corrupt the alignment.

Basically is there an alignment advantage to slewing one way or the other?




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    steve wright


    i use phone and them fine tune frequently. No advantage either way as the phone simply controls the hand controller

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    Keiron Smith

    Hi Mike, 

    From the Help Guide:

    When using the Celestron Wi-Fi scope type, it is important that you do not align using the hand controller before you connect. Doing so will cause the hand controller and SkySafari to fight over who's in control and cause incorrect behavior.


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    Keiron Smith

    Further notes:

    When connecting via Celestron Wi-Fi, the hand controller is totally bypassed.  It does not use any alignment model that may be stored in the HC.  You can totally remove the HC and you should get the exactly same results using just SkySafari.  

    Also, I have reviewed notes that say Celestron recommends unplugging the HC when using Celestron WiFi (aka SkyQ Link), but we've been told you can leave the HC plugged in so long as you haven't aligned with it.  

    The problem is the mount will be getting commands from two devices and they don't play well together.

    To be safe, I suggest when using Celestron WiFi only using SkySafari for slewing/GOTOs even AFTER using SkySafari for initial alignment.

    Experienced Celestron WiFi users are welcome to correct me here.

    I will amend my previous answer above to reflect my own correction.

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