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Bug List - FOV Labels, Angular Distance, UI Reorder Issues - Found In SkySafari 6 Pro - v6.6.2 (Answer: Fixed In Next Update)

- FOV Indicator labels not draw when selected/enabled (Observe / Scope Display / Draw Labels).
- Angular Distances between selected objects not shown by the Measure tool (Selection / Measure From)
- Grab Bars missing from the Observation List editor; unable to reorder items (Observe / Observing Lists / Edit).
- Clear Sky Chart feature just shows web-traceback errors - and random advertisements (Help / Clear Sky Chart).


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    Just to add some additional information for the developers - who, for some reason, now appear to be rather “shy” in this the only platform in which bug reports can be made.

    All the major the issues described above are consistent and entirely repeatable on iPad Pro 10.5, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus - all with iPadOS/iOS 13.3.  I have an iPad mini2 with SS Pro - upon which everything works properly (except, obviously, the new Clear Sky Chart feature) - and this one device is NOT about to updated as it’s the only one that now works properly!

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    Ros Hartigan

    Thanks for the additional information - it's very helpful.  We are working on this issues and should have an update available soon.

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    6.6.3 update applied upon release today...

    - FOV labels now restored - but seem to now disappear at some zoom levels.  These were previously visible regardless of zoom.

     <Edit> Further experimentation on my part, using the previous stable 6.5,x,, shows display of the now “fixed” labels to be consistent with the earlier version.  Labels do seemingly vanish at a some zoom levels - this clearly not previously noted to be troublesome - unlike complete absence.  Anyway - established functionality now restored!

    - Angular Distance measuring tool now restored.

    - Grab Bars now restored within Observation List editor.

    - Clear Sky Chart feature still useless; web-traceback errors and unwanted advertisements remain.  Perhaps the value of this “new feature” should be reconsidered (i.e., ditched)?

    Many thanks for getting the major issues fixed.

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