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Why Does The SynScan Pro App Disconnects Every 20 Minutes Using Android 10 On A Galaxy S10e With A SkyWatcher AZGTI Mount?

I have SW AZGti mount. For the last few months I have run it from SkySafari 6 Pro on Motorola Droid Max with Android 4.4 with no issues. I would connect first to the mount using SynScan or Synscan Pro App, both works, and then connect to the SynScan within SkySafari.

On Christmas I got new phone Galaxy S10e with Android 10. With new phone I can still connect to the mount with SynScan and control it from SkySafari 6, but every 20 min SynScan disconnects from the mount. I can reconnect and it runs fine for another 20 min and drops connection again.

I have disabled smart battery management for SynScan and SkySafari and also turned on 'never put them to sleep' option. It did not help.

The only work around I was able to find so far is to bring the SynScan in front every 10 min. It seems that there is a hidden option which kicks background apps of WiFi every 20 min. Since it did not happen on my old phone it is either newer Android issue of Galaxy specific.

Posting it up to see if anyone found solution and also to make other people aware of the issue. 




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