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The Pop-Up Menu Coordinate Buttons Are Not Working Properly (Answer: Needs More Info)

The coordinate buttons in the upper-left on-screen pop-up menu don’t work properly.

Changing coordinates in the setup menu is fine.

iPad Air iOS 12.4.4, SS-Pro


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    Keiron Smith

    Hi Bill, 

    Please provide further details.

    1. App and version number - make sure you are running the latest version.
    2. OS version number
    3. Specific path to reproduce the issue.  What happens?  Please share a screenshot or two.


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    Sorry, I guess I didn’t understand what those buttons would do.

    I found the note in the help screen that says “In SkySafari Plus and Pro, note that the horizon is not visible if you are not displaying the sky chart using horizon coordinates! Use horizon coordinates to show the horizon.” That was one confusion. 

    I still find it odd that the sky chart changes orientation when I use those buttons to change coordinate systems. It’s not a big deal really, but can you explain what is happening there?

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